King Khan Slips on His Jazzy Slacks

Describing it as “a tribute to the great composers who have inspired me,” King Khan will have his first jazz album, titled The Infinite Ones, released on Oct. 30 via the Ernest Jenning Record Co. Featuring Khan on bass, guitar, percussion and keyboards, the ten-track affair opens with two Sun Ra-inspired compositions featuring saxophonists Marshall Allen and Kneol Scott from the Arkestra, and closes with a requiem for the late Hal Wilner. Calexico’s John Convertino and Martin Wenk are among the other contributing musicians.

“Sometimes a work of art comes unintentionally from a place from deep within the soul. It meanders and flops onto a table and sits and waits for its birth,” Khan says. “These compositions have all come from this place inside my bipolar, Seroquel-ridden mind.”

Photo by Tally Tupelo.