Stars to Give Off Fluorescent Light

One of the most consistently gifted bands of the past 20 years, Stars have continuously evolved while never losing our interest. The pop-smart Montreal bunch has brought a glimmer of a smile to our faces with their news of an October release for their latest album, There is No Love in Fluorescent Light.

“Does no one fall in love under fluorescent light? Pretty sure that’s not true, as many an office romance could attest. But as a statement in support of love’s delusions, we will stand by it,” the band noted in a commentary accompanying the album announcement. “In love, the lights are different, softer; the air has more oxygen in it; and for a second, all you need is a good chorus to believe this might be the one.”

It’s Stars’ first album for fellow Canucks Last Gang Records, onetime home to their pals Metric, and chances are high they’ll be supporting it with a tour. If they make a stop in our vicinity, put down the TV remote and go see them; they’re a rejuvenating delight.

Photo by Shervin Lainez.