Live Acoustic Neil Young Song-Cycle From ’76 Out Nov. 30

As Neil Young continues his downward spiral into irreversible dementia – most recently blaming Donald Trump and “climate change” for the raging fires that tragically torched two of his California homes instead of the state’s wingnut buffoon of a governor Jerry Brown, who two years ago vetoed a bipartisan wildlife management bill that would’ve allowed the removal of hundreds of millions of dead trees throughout the state that only serve as dry kindling – at least we’re occasionally reminded that ol’ Neil wasn’t always as insufferable and unlistenable as he’s become.

Another of those reminders is heading our way, as a 22-song live album of solo acoustic performances from Young’s November 1976 American tour will be released on CD/digital Nov. 30, with a vinyl edition following on Dec. 14. Songs for Judy is a fascinating collection of performances that meanders through old gems revisited (“Mr. Soul,” “The Losing End,” “Here We Are in the Years”) and then-new songs, some of which would vanish and go unrecorded until years or decades afterward. One song, “No One Seems to Know,” has never been officially released by Young until now.

Of particular interest to Atlanta fans: the last six tracks on Songs for Judy (Garland, supposedly), along with an epic monologue that opens the album, were recorded at Neil’s tour-closing shows at the Fox Theatre.