Old Jethro Tull LP Being Re-Released Again

There are only a couple Jethro Tull album you really need, and no, those don’t include Aqualung. One would be Benefit, and the other would be its immediate predecessor, their second LP, 1969’s Stand Up. This is the one where they skewered the heavy blues and jazz of their debut with a burlap sack fulla British folk-rock and bug-eyed waggery. It’s also the one with the pop-up foldout cover, which I always got a kick out of when I was a kid.

Anyway, yeah, of course they’re rereleasing it for the umpteenth time, complete with a Steven Wilson remix, outtakes, BBC sessions, radio spots, live tracks and footage (from a 1969 concert in Sweden) and a hundred-plus page booklet. But who cares? The only thing that matters is the original pop-up book artwork is part of the deal.

Rhino/Parlophone releases Stand Up: The Elevated Edition on November 18th, at an offensively elevated price.