The Black Crowes Make More Money

One positive result of the Wu-Tang Flu shutting down the entire concert industry is that we were spared a Black Crowes reunion tour. However, that’s not keeping their products off of record store shelves. Shake Your Money Maker, the 1990 debut album from the Crowes, will be re-released in an assortment of “30th Anniversary” expanded… Continue reading The Black Crowes Make More Money

See the Band with the Stage Fright

I’ve never been a huge fan of The Band other than whenever they were somebody’s backing group, and I at least partially hold their precedent to blame for that recent (and hopefully waning) wave of obnoxious bearded-hipster folk-rock revival acts that dress like they just returned from a Civil War battle. But I also recently… Continue reading See the Band with the Stage Fright

Chris Chandler & the Mercenaries Emerge From the Underground

Think about how 2020 began – your life, your plans, your activities, the world around you – and then consider how it ended up, and all that transpired. Did things happen like you imagined they would? Like, if you’d told me last January that a year later I’d be writing about a Decatur real estate agent… Continue reading Chris Chandler & the Mercenaries Emerge From the Underground

Ready Steady Go!

Ready Steady Go! The Weekend Starts Here By Andy Neill [BMG Books] The household name typically attached to British music television is Top of the Pops. While that long-running BBC program certainly cast a long shadow, it was actually predated by a scrappy upstart that set the tone and remains a pop culture touchstone for… Continue reading Ready Steady Go!

The Nude Party – Midnight Manor

Upstate New York’s The Nude Party will freely admit they’ve been inspired mostly by the classic rock ‘n’ roll of the 1960s and ’70s. With hearty tips of the frosty beer bottle to such giants as The Rolling Stones, The Doors and Lou Reed, their first album was a delightful detour that acknowledged and celebrated… Continue reading The Nude Party – Midnight Manor


In an attempt to deflect his interests away from music toward science, chemical beakers were his toys and gas masks were common attire. In a family devoid of musical inclination, Frank Zappa learned how to make gunpowder at six before becoming fascinated by explosions at a later age. He admits to being inspired by Ernie… Continue reading ZAPPA

Larkin Poe Convene with Kindred Spirits

Larkin Poe have sprinkled a few renditions of old blues songs into their tracklistings from time to time, but their forthcoming album Kindred Spirits finds them filling an entire album with cover versions, largely selected from the classic rock display case in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The project stems from the Georgia… Continue reading Larkin Poe Convene with Kindred Spirits

Neil Young’s Archives II Box Out Nov. 20

Neil Young obviously has a staggering number of recordings stashed away going back more than half a century. He’s got so much that even though there’ve been numerous portions released over the past 15 years as part of his multi-pronged Archives project, there’s still far more in the pipeline, he’s always behind schedule and the… Continue reading Neil Young’s Archives II Box Out Nov. 20

AC/DC Power Up with Returning Members

After several years of rumors and speculation regarding their recording activities and membership, AC/DC have now confirmed a title, tracklisting and release date for their 17th studio album. Power Up will strike down in the bins of your friendly neighborhood tone dealer on November 13, via Columbia Records. The album – the Australian hard rock… Continue reading AC/DC Power Up with Returning Members

The Doors’ Morrison Hotel Adds Another Level

Originally released in February 1970, Morrison Hotel is unquestionably one of The Doors top albums, holding up as a powerful, gritty and even tender rock ‘n’ roll classic to this day. Thirteen years ago, along with the rest of the band’s studio albums, it was reissued in a single-CD expanded edition, with “40th Anniversary” remixes… Continue reading The Doors’ Morrison Hotel Adds Another Level

Rory Gallagher Gets a Career Overview

Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher, admired by the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Brian May, Johnny Marr, The Rolling Stones and many others, will be the subject of a career-spanning double-LP/CD anthology to be released Oct. 9. The straightforwardly titled The Best of Rory Gallagher includes material from his late ‘60s group Taste along with… Continue reading Rory Gallagher Gets a Career Overview

More Allman Brothers From the Vaults Coming Oct. 16

When you’re one of those bands that not only allows but encourages its audience to tape all its shows, it’s inevitable that there’ll be a plethora of live albums of your shows, especially after you’re no longer around. That’s certainly the case with The Allman Brothers Band, who’ll have two new concert recordings excavated from… Continue reading More Allman Brothers From the Vaults Coming Oct. 16

Nude Party at Midnight Manor, and You’re Invited!

Cheer up, young buckaroo, things aren’t all bad – New West Records is putting out The Nude Party’s sophomore album on October 2nd! The 12-song Midnight Manor was recorded live-to-tape by the band in upstate New York, and will be available on digital, CD and an assortment of vinyl varieties, including a signed orange marble… Continue reading Nude Party at Midnight Manor, and You’re Invited!

Rookie – Rookie

Good guy rock and rollers Rookie release a long-awaited debut in unsure times, more treaded waters of brackish stature for a group who just jumped the gun. Is this the true death of a salesman? Lawdy I hope not. Rookie was just getting started. The Chicago outfit rides the same tides as greats like Twin… Continue reading Rookie – Rookie

Sadler Vaden

Hodge, Podge, Strained Through a Leslie: Sadler Vaden is Getting Out There Guitarist Sadler Vaden has been a member of Jason Isbell’s 400 Unit since 2013. He’s part of the Grammy-winning team that made 2015’s Something More Than Free and the band’s 2017 album The Nashville Sound, both of which earned Best Americana Album awards… Continue reading Sadler Vaden

Another Month, More Bowie From the Vaults

Wasn’t it just last month we were telling you about a bunch of David Bowie recordings being excavated from the vaults? Well, there are more. And it would come as no surprise if the Bowie bounty continues steadily for many more years to come, if for no other reason than to counter bootleg releases of… Continue reading Another Month, More Bowie From the Vaults

Moses Mo: Drive-In ‘n’ Amplifyin’

Mother’s Finest have made a now-50-year career out of marrying funk music with hard/heavy rock ‘n’ roll. It was a formula that was super-fresh in the 1970s, but ever since coming back in the late ‘80s after a brief hiatus, everything they’ve done has sounded like misguided attempts to fit in with something trendier or… Continue reading Moses Mo: Drive-In ‘n’ Amplifyin’

Yacht Rock Revue Do Something Somewhat Original for a Change

OK, boomer… so you just forced yourself to watch the Grammys again, and you shook your head and waved your fist and perspired through the underarms of your holey old Doobie Brothers T-shirt and cursed the whole damned time, muttering, “Who is this? I’ve never heard of any of these people!!!” Well, I’ve got some… Continue reading Yacht Rock Revue Do Something Somewhat Original for a Change

Rare Bowie Versions Seeing the Light

Two new collections of rare and previously unreleased David Bowie recordings are being unveiled over the next several weeks and months. Several tracks have, in fact, already been released from the streaming EP Is It Any Wonder? A version of “The Man Who Sold the World” made its online appearance on Bowie’s 74th birthday January… Continue reading Rare Bowie Versions Seeing the Light

Cherie Currie & Brie Darling

Motivating Factors: Female Rock Trailblazers Cherie Currie and Brie Darling Team Up Not too many musicians earn iconic status in their own right, but then also get to create music with one of the legends who inspired them – but that’s exactly what’s happened with Cherie Currie. She became famous while still a teenager in… Continue reading Cherie Currie & Brie Darling

Sadler Vaden Wants to Get Next to You

Sadler Vaden first came to our attention with his Charleston, South Carolina power trio Leslie. Later on, his guitar prowess played a big role in revitalizing Drivin’ N Cryin’ in the first few years of this decade. Since then he’s been a key member of Jason Isbell’s 400 Unit. He also released a damn good… Continue reading Sadler Vaden Wants to Get Next to You

Zappa’s ’73 Halloween Shows Released

From 1974 to 1984 Frank Zappa played a series of legendary costume-clad shows around Halloween each year in New York City to celebrate his favorite holiday. Sadly, most of those shows weren’t recorded due to exorbitant fees charged by the musicians union there – yet another example of labor unions outliving their usefulness and becoming… Continue reading Zappa’s ’73 Halloween Shows Released

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

It’s acceptable to like Fleetwood Mac and Journey now, but Linda Ronstadt remains filed away as a ’70s schlock icon. For good reason, too. Michael Nesmith noted in song that Ronstadt mostly bridged a gap between Marie Osmond and Bonnie Raitt. Today, she seems more like the Me Decade’s take on Celine Dion – with… Continue reading Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman: A Session with the Session Man Mention the name Rick Wakeman to a fan of ’70s rock and they’ll immediately think of Yes, the band he has joined and quit more than five times. Dig further and you’ll learn that he’s an impossibly prolific recording artist who has release more than 90 albums.… Continue reading Rick Wakeman

Gregg Allman’s First Solo Forays Re-Released


Gregg Allman’s 1973 solo album Laid Back followed some extreme ups and downs. Earlier that same year, the Allman Brothers Band’s fourth album Brothers and Sisters forecast the future for Southern rockers and jam band enthusiasts. During the same time period, Allman grieved the 1971 death of his brother and band mate Duane and the 1972 passing of bassist… Continue reading Gregg Allman’s First Solo Forays Re-Released

David Crosby: Remember My Name

David Crosby has proudly spent years admitting that he has to preemptively apologize to anyone who comes up with a story of having met him during the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. A documentary about all of those moments would be pretty great. Remember My Name is a little different, but still provides plenty of entertainment as the… Continue reading David Crosby: Remember My Name

Tommy James

MANALAPAN, NJ - JUNE 12: Tommy James performs at the 2010 Under The Stars Celebration at the Manalapan Recreation Center on June 12, 2010 in Manalapan, New Jersey. (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** Tommy James

Tommy James: Doin’ His Thing and Singin’ His Songs There’s a Tommy James song, be it with The Shondells in the ‘60s or as a solo artist in the ‘70s, representing most pop-rock offshoots from the singer’s commercial heyday. The teenage garage rocker and “Hanky Panky” performer went on to record textbook examples of frat-house… Continue reading Tommy James