Old Shoes in a New Box

Zion, Illinois’ wonderful power-pop mac daddies Shoes have had a solid chunk of their early material compiled on a 3CD box set, out August 31 on UK label Cherry Red Records.

Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 includes the entirety of their 1977 album Black Vinyl Shoes (their first true album, originally self-released but quickly picked up and distributed nationally), plus most of the track from two earlier extremely limited self-releases, Bazooka and One in Versailles, both from 1976.

Tacked on as bonus tracks are a wealth of related recordings from the same time period, including demos, a Bomp! Records single, alternate versions, previously unheard songs and material from a private acetate made in 1974 in a pressing of four copies! Extensive liner notes help tie the laces.

Will this set ever be released in the US? No telling, but it’s not like there’s zealous overwhelming demand, so we’d advise going ahead and kindly asking your local tone merchant if they can procure an import copy.