Shitbag Salutes Sweet Kaepernick

If you want a cheap laugh, check out this shitbag you’ve never heard of named Dana Murray, who has released a new single/music video called “Suite Kaepernick” off his recently issued album, Negro Manifesto (Ropeadope Records). Oh, fuck, Dana’s black, I called him a shitbag, that’s racist. I apologize for calling Mr. Murray a shitbag, I didn’t realize he was a person of color (probably ’cause he wears a paper bag over his head during the entire music video)(so edgy). I only wrote that because I was dehydrated/exhausted/took Ambien.

“Suite Kaepernick,” which is just a juxtaposition of cheesy protest rap on top of corny, clichéd, smooth jazz horseshit, isn’t just awful – it’s tedious, boring, and goes on eight minutes too long, but it will make you chortle, ’cause it’s so bad it’s funny, especially the video. The accompanying visuals try to be in-your-face disturbing/offensive just to be offensive, with plenty of pickaninnies, mammies, sambos and the like, flash-forwarding to police violence against blacks, the Rodney King beating, et al. It doesn’t really have a plot or make much sense, but I suppose many manifestos don’t really make that much sense, so why should a Negro Manifesto? Again, this guy takes himself VERY seriously; according to his resume he’s also an educator (of course he is), so that’s why this is pure comedic gold. I mean, he’s wearing a paper bag on his head the entire video for Christ’s sake.

On October 31, 2017 Colin Kaepernick’s legal team said Colin would be signed within ten days. As of now, Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed. He opted out of his contract. Nobody is entitled to a new job. Kaepernick did indeed turn down a $14 million two-year deal from the Broncos, one that the 49ers would have agreed to. Kaepernick thought the pay cut was offensive. That’s not exactly “racist” or “racism,” no, that’s like “rich athlete problems.” Colin basically took his shit and deflected it on everyone else, an entire nation basically, and is still doing it, and people are so dumb they bought it, and some are clearly still buying it. What a shitbag.