Shogun Gives It Another Spin in the Sheets

Tim “Shogun” Wall – the unhinged singer for Sydney’s incomparable Royal Headache – is a self-acknowledged pain in the ass and the catalyst for the quartet’s multiple breakups, presumably for good earlier this year. Guitarist Joe Sukit has already rebounded nicely with the Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, and now Wall moves further front and center with his new band, Shogun and the Sheets.

The five-piece’s debut single is out now digitally, and on 7” vinyl in mid-November. “Hold On Kid” sports the exhilarating RH spirit, with a more keyboard-laced attack. On B-side “Pissing Blood,” Shogun unfortunately takes the soul belter press clippings a bit too seriously.

Don’t expect US dates anytime soon, though – as of press time Shogun and the Sheets have played a mere three gigs.

Photo by Aaron Blakey.