Beaches Release New Tunes; So Do the Beaches

Beaches are sorta like an Australian Bangles, inspired by jangly paisley pop, garage rock nuggets, fuzzed-out psychedelia, sunshine soul and… Oh, wait a minute… that’s the all-female Toronto quartet THE Beaches I’m thinking of. But come to think of it, that all pretty much applies to Melbourne five-piece Beaches as well. And with their just-released third album, the double-LP Second of Spring, they up the ante with a swirl of dizzying shoegaze, extended instrumentals, psych-outs and hum-along pop-rock gems. It’s out now on Chapter Music.

And lo and behold, it looks like they’re playing Masquerade on Oct. 30, opening for Death From Above. No, wait… that’s THE Beaches who are playing that show, promoting their new album Late Show (Out Oct. 13th), which I’d really like to hear also – the two singles I’ve encountered so far are muy swell! But girls, please – get this confusing band name situation straightened out!

Beaches photo by Darren Sylvester.