The Buck Never Stops

As if Peter Buck wasn’t already playing in a plethora of combos and collaborations, two more additions to his tireless work schedule are emerging, or in the case of one, re-emerging.

Beat Poetry for the Survivalists is a collaboration between Buck and former Auteurs guitarist Luke Haines. The project came together after Buck bought one of Haines’ paintings of Lou Reed; though they’d never met before, they got to talking and eventually wrote some songs about Bigfoot, Pol Pot, occultist Jack Parsons, a radio station dedicated to Donovan and other far-reaching topics. Hear the recorded results when Beat Poetry is released March 6.

Then there’s The No Ones (pictured), a bi-continental alliance that finds Buck and his trusty Minus 5/Baseball Project cohort Scott McCaughey teaming with Frode Strømstad and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen of the Norwegian band I Was a King. They released a four-song EP (Sun Station) and played a gig or two in Norway in the summer of 2017, and now with McCaughey back in action after his late 2017 stroke, they’re revving back up to release a full album in the Spring. As for live dates, so far it’s only a string of Norwegian shows in late March/early April, and Denmark’s Roskilde Festival in the summer.