More Blumpies Coming From Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons are one of the most calculated, trite, safe, phony baloney “folk” bands out there. They, along with a few copycat bands riding their coattails, have quite frankly bastardized the folk genre and turned it into corporate insurance commercial background music. Maybe while Marcus Mumford rhymes words like “fire” with “desire” (what a genius), his moron fanbase just doesn’t seem to notice how sophomoric Mumford & Sons truly are because he and his bandmates are wearing seven layers of clothing like it’s 1864 or something (I don’t know?).

Well, Mumford & Sons are back again with a brand new album, Delta, out November 16. They’ve so far released one single from it called “Guiding Light.” It basically sounds like Mumford & Sons trying to do their best Dave Matthews impersonation.

In support of the release of Delta, the band will embark on an extensive sixty-date worldwide arena tour beginning later this year (Atlanta’s State Farm Arena gets a March 20 date), because real folk belongs in arenas.