The Iggy/Underworld Encounter, and Why You Need It

Among other things, Iggy Pop is a masterful raconteur and a hysterical comedian, two God-given talents for which he’s rarely given credit or commendation. The blokes of the British electronic endeavor called Underworld clearly admire said traits, however, as they basically cornered Jimmy O in a London hotel room two years ago to record a few spontaneous stories over some bumpin’ ‘n’ thumpin’ new tracks they had recently minted.

On July 27th, they’ll release four of those collaborations on an EP titled Teatime Dub Encounters. And dare I say, it’s better than either Underworld’s Barbara, Barbara, We Face a Shining Future or Iggy’s Post Pop Depression by miles. I mean, just direct your earhole to “Bells & Circles,” a hilarious ode to the golden age of smokin’ ‘n’ snortin’ on commercial airlines before the days of the oppressive nanny state and political correctness run amuck, before “you can’t do that” became the mantra of the self-appointed do-gooder mob. The more serene “I’ll See Big,” a reflection on friendship in its many nuances, is downright touching, to an extent Iggy’s rock albums have never dared venture. Trust me when I tell you: Teatime Dub Encounters is one of the most vital Iggy Pop records ever made. God, I love that motherfucker, and even more so because of this.