The Notwist – Vertigo Days

The Notwist recently joined a select list of bands that continue to release compelling music thirty years after their inception. Like many members of this club the German outfit achieved this milestone by pursuing a steady diet of side projects, and by sidestepping the incessant tour/record/tour grind; Vertigo Days is only the band’s third studio… Continue reading The Notwist – Vertigo Days

Endless Digital Birthdays – Becoming a Body

I think there’s a neighborhood or damp-in-the-night cobble street in the UK that cranks out clay schizophrenic models that mold and shape into Escher appropriations by Dali. The monstrous “it” blobs seething through closed storefronts while Jekyll and Hyde scream for their lives. The subterranean workshop makes these models with Talking Heads records and sheet… Continue reading Endless Digital Birthdays – Becoming a Body

Pins Spin Again on Hot Slick

Prepare to be treated to a fresh poke in the earhole from Pins. The Manchester post-punk group – now a trio following the departure of their original rhythm section – will unveil their third album, Hot Slick, on May 29th. Based on the samples released so far – the official first single and video “Hot Slick”… Continue reading Pins Spin Again on Hot Slick

Sonic Boom Makes Himself Heard

Sonic Boom, better known to his relatives as Peter Kember, has always followed an unconventional musical path, whether under the Spectrum banner, his expeditions with Experimental Audio Research (a fluctuating soundscape project that has included Kevin Shields, Delia Derbyshire and AMM’s Eddie Prévost, among others), his recordings as Sonic Boom, collaborations with acts including Stereolab,… Continue reading Sonic Boom Makes Himself Heard

Iggy Deluxe: All Aboard for Funtime

Two of Iggy Pop’s earliest, best and most enduring solo albums are being reissued in deluxe CD editions on May 29, in addition to being included as part of a more extensive box set. Although the term “solo” is a bit misleading with these as they were both written and recorded in major collaboration with… Continue reading Iggy Deluxe: All Aboard for Funtime

Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Musical clown Skippy Spiral, the alter ego of Savannah outsider Nick Ganas, has been delighting and/or freaking out that town’s populace with his peculiar performance art for many years, along with conducting creepy ghost tours and making wacko short films with Dame Darcy. Prior to landing in that coastal Georgia town, he’d played keyboards and… Continue reading Skippy Spiral Brings the Circus to You

Clan of Xymox

Zymotic Reactions: A Man, a Plan, a Clan of Xymox “To be honest, without me there is no band – it was and is my project from day one,” says Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox, the groundbreaking darkwave/goth/electronica band that he has led since he first formed it in The Netherlands in 1981. “The… Continue reading Clan of Xymox

Thievery Corporation Go Symphonik

In May 2017, Thievery Corporation played a concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in their hometown of Washington, DC, accompanied by an orchestra. Inspired by the results, Eric Hilton, Rob Garza and their ever-shifting crew have enlisted the talents of Prague’s FILMharmonic Orchestra for a full album. Out on April… Continue reading Thievery Corporation Go Symphonik


Interstellar Overdrive: Tycho Takes to the Sky – and Forecasts the Weather November 11, 1572: A bright blast explodes in the evening sky over Denmark, illuminating the autumn darkness and catching the attention of alchemist and astronomer Tycho Brahe. Ten years into his ambitious quest to map the celestial firmament with only a compass, a… Continue reading Tycho

Sequoyah Murray Begins the Begin

New Thrill Jockey recording artist Sequoyah Murray is a musical weirdo in the best possible way, earning the multi-instrumentalist comparisons to Arthur Russell and a chance to work with avant-electronic producer James Ginzburg (Emptyset). For a potent taste of his immense imagination and musical masterworks, check out debut album Before You Begin, out Sept. 13. Standout… Continue reading Sequoyah Murray Begins the Begin

Lindsey Stirling, Part 1

Girl’s Got Talent: Basking in the Foreverglow with Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling is utterly adorable. Cheerful, funny, genuinely welcoming, she radiates warmth the moment you’re in her presence. Just as she was voting (along with fellow judges Piers Morgan and Howie Mandell) to eject Stirling prematurely off the fifth season of America’s Got Talent in… Continue reading Lindsey Stirling, Part 1

Lindsey Stirling, Part 2

You don’t usually make a big public deal about it, but I know your faith is tremendously important to you. Conversely, the music business, and entertainment business as a whole, is infused with a terrible amount of sleaziness. You’ve remained pretty much independent this entire time, to your credit. But have you encountered any circumstances… Continue reading Lindsey Stirling, Part 2

Reptile Room Gets Jaded

Atlanta-based electro-pop trio Reptile Room’s debut album, Jade, arrives Aug. 9 via Om Records. It features the atmospheric backing tracks and pop-friendly vocals accompanying the visually grandiose music videos for “Talk,” “Design” and “Control.” Per press materials, the new songs by Bill Zimmerman and siblings Sean and Sami Michelsen find internal peace in the face… Continue reading Reptile Room Gets Jaded

From Russia with Kedr Livanskiy

While the current electronic music landscape is stiflingly littered with superstar DJs and their numbingly interchangeable, pulsating dance club/festival fodder, there are those rare few offroad explorers following their own chosen paths. Hailing from Moscow, singer/producer Kedr Livanskiy certainly belongs to that small, select latter tribe. The young Russian experimentalist has just released her sophomore… Continue reading From Russia with Kedr Livanskiy

Tycho Forecasts Future Weather

After the Grammy-nominated electronic instrumental group Tycho released its last album, Epoch, in 2016, its composer, songwriter and producer Scott Hansen speculated on the band’s future recordings. “I felt like there’s so many little moments in Epoch that it set the stage,” he told S&S last year. “Like, ’Oh, maybe the next thing’s going to… Continue reading Tycho Forecasts Future Weather

Pet Shop Boys – Agenda

Aging, past-their-prime, English synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys have digitally released a new four song EP aptly titled Agenda. Out April 12 on vinyl, it features nostalgic/retro-sounding, catchy-as-hell New Wave pop tunes with lame/snarky lyrics, chock full of cheap political rhetoric and propaganda disguised as ironic, cheeky humor. For each of the four songs released,… Continue reading Pet Shop Boys – Agenda

Shouldies, Mighty Unsightly in Tighty Whities

Savannah’s Graveface Records debut a new label called NeverNotGoth this month. In addition to reissuing obscure darkwave and goth albums, the subsidiary provides a label home for new talents, including Atlanta’s Shouldies. Former Man Up, Yancey members Yancey Ballard and John Pierce team with electronic music wiz Daniel Eberlein for the Shouldies’ debut release :… Continue reading Shouldies, Mighty Unsightly in Tighty Whities

UNKLE Heads Out to the Highway

Although UNKLE has been whittled down to the sole constant of founding member James Lavelle, its albums still always boast a colorful cross-section of guest vocalists and musicians. And the latest, The Road: Part II/Lost Highway (March 29 via Songs for the Deaf), is no exception. Frequent collaborators Leila Moss (The Duke Spirit), Mark Lanegan… Continue reading UNKLE Heads Out to the Highway

I Am a Rocketship Take a Night Flight

While most current bands’ nods to the ’90s involve copping the sounds of Brit pop, indie rock, or grunge, Atlanta-based duo I Am a Rocketship want to warm the cockles of our hearts with a cover of Rammstein’s angst-riddled signature tune “Du Hast.” It’s not what you might suspect, as the electronic pop duo recreate… Continue reading I Am a Rocketship Take a Night Flight

JK Crowe’s Trailer-Made Electronic Pop

Electronic pop singer-songwriter JK Crowe reminds us of the musical magic the digital age allows to take root in unlikely places. In this case, the five songs on Crowe’s Buried EP were imagined in a trailer behind his grandparents’ Northeast Georgia home. A brainy, sensitive Elliott Smith-type with a guitar and a drum machine, Crowe… Continue reading JK Crowe’s Trailer-Made Electronic Pop

Ladytron Scratch the Seven-Year Itch

After breaking their seven-year hiatus with two enthusiastically-received singles earlier this year, Liverpool electro-pop quartet Ladytron have announced a Feb. 15 release date for their eponymous sixth album. “For us, it’s like getting together with an old friend,” frontwoman Helen Marnie noted of the group’s reawakening. “You’ve both changed, but still have that common ground.”… Continue reading Ladytron Scratch the Seven-Year Itch

Steven Wilson

Element of Surprise: Steven Wilson Puts the Bone In In some ways, the 2017 album To the Bone introduced a more user-friendly Steven Wilson. Certainly, Wilson’s fifth solo full-length features a good deal of the musically ambitious progressive rock styles that led to his being named Prog Rock King by the 2015 Progressive Music Awards… Continue reading Steven Wilson

Thievery Corporation

November 18, 2016 - New York, NY Portrait shoot with Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza and Eric Hilton credit Jen Maler

Treasure Chest: Thievery Corporation Open Up a World of Love Rob Garza can’t recall ever seeing a fight break out in the audience during a Thievery Corporation performance. On the other hand, their shows have been the setting for onstage marriage proposals, and in fact near the end of the group’s October 2017 concert at… Continue reading Thievery Corporation

Jean-Michel Jarre

Space is the Place: On Planet Jarre, the Future is the Past is the Future is Now A towering figure in music, Jean-Michel Jarre pioneered styles of music that didn’t even have names when he started making them. Musicians working in EDM, ambient and electronica all owe a debt to the French multi-instrumentalist who started… Continue reading Jean-Michel Jarre

Nitzer Ebb Vinyl Box Heralds Return

I learn something new every time I write some of these blurbs. For instance, I didn’t realize until just now that there was a genre of music called “electronic body music,” and that that’s what all that rigid, industrial wompin’ and bompin’ on those old Nitzer Ebb records was called. Wait – is that what… Continue reading Nitzer Ebb Vinyl Box Heralds Return

The Iggy/Underworld Encounter, and Why You Need It

Among other things, Iggy Pop is a masterful raconteur and a hysterical comedian, two God-given talents for which he’s rarely given credit or commendation. The blokes of the British electronic endeavor called Underworld clearly admire said traits, however, as they basically cornered Jimmy O in a London hotel room two years ago to record a… Continue reading The Iggy/Underworld Encounter, and Why You Need It

Watch Out for Snakes…And Silly Genre Names

Imagine if classic video games inspired by movies featured better, digitized digitized soundtrack excerpts? For example, imagine Top Gun for the NES, but with more thought put into replacing the dulcet tones of Kenny Loggins with blips and bloops. Watch Out For Snakes, the musical project of self-professed geek Matt Baum, sort of does this with his new album Upgrade. Difference… Continue reading Watch Out for Snakes…And Silly Genre Names

TWINS: Dancing With Itself

Outside looking in, Matt Weiner seems like a jack-of-all-trades for the sort of electronic music he plays, produces, and promotes. Just as punk musician, distro owner, and record label boss Josh Feigert spreads the good news about his corner of Atlanta music far and wide, Weiner champions a separate yet sometimes overlapping collective of creative types. On… Continue reading TWINS: Dancing With Itself