U2 Shits Out “Controversial” Video

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant in their late fifties, U2 – the only band to ever give everyone on iTunes a free digital copy of an album that nobody can even name a song off of – has released a new cartoon music video/blatant propaganda piece to pander/preach/virtue signal to their own left-wing political choir and possibly themselves. The stop-motion animation clip for “Get Out of Your Own Way,” a song that sounds an awful lot like safe adult Christian contemporary music, has to be one of the lamest protest upchucks of all time.

The video features all sorts of inane, insipid, supposedly “controversial” visuals like…the KKK walking by Trump with torches while he sits in the Oval Office; a kitchen table transforming into a Molotov cocktail while world poverty pimp and biggest turd on Earth, Bono, sings…”fight back!”; a wall being built through a yin-and-yang symbol; a peace sign hand gesture that turns into a black power fist; and children of all colors (the Asian one has a pointy bamboo hat, the Latin one has a sombrero, et al) (HOW RACIST!) all holding hands and singing together as they spin around a globe, basically a rip-off of Disney’s “It’s a Small World” ride but this time it’s for adult toddlers.

The directors of the video, Broken Fingaz Crew (cool spelling), say the video is “a personal letter and a clarion cry to the global situation,” whatever the hell that means.