Dusty Booze and the Baby Haters Get Scummy

On Dusty Booze and the Baby Haters’ new album Late Night Scum Bag Revival, the Atlanta-based band sounds best when they’re a faux-gospel group gone bad, backing a crazed evangelist for ol’ Beelzebubba himself.

Standout tracks “Saved” and “Mama Prayed For Me” are send-ups of Biblical proportions. Imagine Blues Brothers 2000, if those guys went to bat for the opposite team and, well, if that film had actually been funny. Heck, they’re the kick ass Louisiana Gator Boys in that film scenario, sans the temptation to tell cruel Eric Clapton jokes – not that guys called Baby Haters loathe the obvious Clapton jokes.

That’s not to pin them down as Bible Belt super villains, as the album includes everything from the Midwest punk vibes of “Can’t Stop” to the sleaze rock homage “Hey Baby” and the white-hot instrumental “Miscarriage.’ In all, it sounds like an album that probably reflects the band members’ combined record collection. Record release show is Saturday, July 14th at the Star Bar.