The War on Drugs Go Deep

One of the finest, most consistent bands to emerge in the past dozen years, The War on Drugs tumble and careen with a dappled dirt road fierceness that could be likened to The Waterboys delving into Dylan’s Desire album after a few rounds of whiskey. So we couldn’t be more pleased to report that the Philadelphia-based sextet is reemerging from the wilds, with album number four, A Deeper Understanding, slated for an August 25th release.

Their second album for Atlantic Records, and first since 2014’s spectacular Lost in the Dream, the album is, naturally, marked by the attentive care of lead warrior and visionary Adam Granduciel, but also glistens with the fruits of collaboration with his bandmates – bassist Dave Hartley, keyboardist Robbie Bennett, drummer Charlie Hall and multi-instrumentalist Anthony LaMarca and Jon Natchez. New single, “Holding On,” can be heard now on YouTube. And as the Record Store Day release of the 11-minute centerpiece “Thinking of a Place” demonstrated, the band’s lost none of their enthusiasm for crafting extended epics.

The War on Drugs will return to Atlanta’s Tabernacle on Tuesday, September 26. Their last show there was one of the best of the year. Shows are selling out in other cities. Don’t come cryin’ to us if you miss out.

Photo by Shawn Brackbill.