Wax Idols Promise a Happy Ending

Three decades or so prior to where we find ourselves mired right now, Wax Idols would be revered by the press as one of the brightest bands on the planet, their songs would be played regularly on forward-thinking commercial radio outlets and they’d be headlining large clubs and small theaters worldwide, perhaps even bigger venues. Led by the captivating and driven musician, singer and songwriter Hether Fortune, the Oakland-based quartet knocks out boldly catchy, passion-filled ‘80s-style pop-rock tunes dowsed in enough stabbing guitars and throbbing post-punk darkness that all the pale kids in black clothes and excessive eyeliner will even slouch outta the shadows for a dance or two.

So make note of the date, May 16th. That’s when Wax Idols’ fourth album, Happy Ending, hits the proverbial hi-fi in the sky. From what we’ve heard of it thus far, this could be their most intense and satisfying discharge to date. So far, only a few West Coast live shows have been announced but you know how these things go. They’ll make it back to Atlanta eventually.

Photo by Matthew Vincent.