World’s Dorkiest Grindcore Band Does Something

Have you ever wondered what a grindcore band from Portland would look like? Wonder no more, as a group named Transient has issued a press release announcing its revamped lineup, offering the above photo as undeniable proof.

One can only imagine the grimy, physically demanding part-time jobs this fearsome foursome must toil away at in that unrelentingly bleak city, surely influencing the visceral, violent rage they put into their brutal, antagonistic music. Antifa barista? Socially responsible vegan burrito café waitstaff? Trans bicyclists’ rights activist and blogger?

The members of Transient also want you to know that they’re working up some new material, they may release the followup to their 2013 self-titled debut album this year or more likely next, and they’re playing the Northwest Terror Fest on June 16th up the highway in Seattle, which they’ll travel to in their biodiesel VW Bus covered in virtue-signaling bumper stickers advocating all the proper pre-approved causes. Consider yourself warned.