Atlanta Gets Another Lame De Niro Comedy

Originally lined up to be shot in Toronto starting at the end of February, a sweet tax credit offer reportedly enticed the producers of the Robert De Niro comedy film The War With Grandpa to abandon the Great White North for sunny springtime Georgia at the last minute. Indications are that production could get rolling here as soon as next week.

To quell your distress, be assured that this is NOT a sequel to De Niro’s abysmal Dirty Grandpa, also shot in these parts, although one probably shouldn’t expect a cinematic masterpiece. De Niro, who’ll undoubtedly be disappointed to learn that the Clermont Lounge is temporarily closed, plays another cranky ol’ gramps, this time moving in with his spawn and forced to share a room with his grandson, who resorts to all manner of outrageous efforts to drive the old man out.

Christopher Walken, Uma Thurman, Laura Marano (Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally) and Rob Riggle (Modern Family) are also aboard. Tom Hill, esteemed director of Garfield 2, is calling the shots.

UPDATE 3/27/17: This is now scheduled to begin production in Atlanta on or about April 24th.