Bob Log III – Happy Birthday Baby, Vol. 1

Bob Log III, the sly slide mystery man on the other end of the daredevil phone sex line, has a new album out, and you can be a song on the next one if you play your credit cards right.

That’s right! Bob Log III, the one-man blues unit, while stuck between a rock and a hard place way down in Melbourne town, is making songs for anyone (and for any occasion) for the onetime fee of one hundred dollars American! He has confirmed a volume two, and that volume can have on it: you! I’m sure this has been done before? But I love where and who it’s coming from presently. Bob Log III is one of those people who you wonder what he’s doing when the world party has had the fuzz called on it. Well, he’s bringing the party to you personally, and he’s gonna do it for the foreseeable future. The man has been socially distancing since he decided to first don the custom jet fighter helmet with telephonic interface way back, so he’s immune to our layman disease and phlegm follies.

Each song has a custom greeting complete with balloons a-popping and sound bite computer kids cheering as if you’d just blown out your candles (and that’s okay, because in the world of this album, spittle is legal). Occasions for songs on this album include, “Birthday/Anniversary/Professorship/Congratulatory/Poop in the Potty/Party songs for any reason”.

Bob Log is a true capitalist, selling his soul to the fans like ol’ Robbie Johnson did to the devil. This album captures BL3’s irreverence and endless slide guitar dance groove like any other album would, but this time and supposedly next time, it’s personal. So go out and buy the album, or buy a song off the next one you self-centered hollowed shell where an individual should be.

I know I am and will.

Bob Log III
Happy Birthday Baby, Vol. 1