The Gun Club, Part 4 (Mark Lanegan Interview)

Mark Lanegan Gun Club Fan; Friend and Collaborator with Jeffrey Lee Pierce “I would talk about Jeffrey 24 hours a day,” Mark Lanegan confessed to me during a phone conversation some twenty-odd years ago. “And I still do.” Such is but one example of the colossal impact Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club made,… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 4 (Mark Lanegan Interview)

The Gun Club, Part 3 (Patricia Morrison Interview)

Patricia Morrison Gun Club Bass Guitarist, June 1982 – December 1984 Though she only recorded their third studio album, The Las Vegas Story, with the band, Patricia Morrison will forever be associated with The Gun Club, as much if not more for the female yang and gothic visual impact she brought to the band as… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 3 (Patricia Morrison Interview)

The Gun Club, Part 2 (Ward Dotson Interview)

Ward Dotson Gun Club Guitarist, November 1980 – December 1982 Prior to joining The Gun Club, Dotson was in the hardcore band Der Stab, whose demos occasionally turn up on punk compilations. After two years of madness in Gun Club, for whom he supplied that ruthless, blistering guitar sound of the first two albums, he… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 2 (Ward Dotson Interview)

The Gun Club, Part 1 (Introduction)

Up Jumped the Devil: The Gun Club’s Fire Smolders On Their sound struck like a whip’s tail smacking flesh, leaving stinging welts and stripes of blood. It was the sound of violent upheaval on both a grand and inner scale. The sound of lost American spirits, long believed dead and irrelevant, rising in an unforeseen… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 1 (Introduction)

The Gun Club’s Miami Gets Its Due

The best rock ‘n’ roll album ever made, The Gun Club’s second album Miami, is finally being properly re-released in expanded form on Dec. 4 via Blixa Sounds. The remastered 1982 album, produced by Chris Stein of Blondie (a favorite band of the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce), will be augmented with a second vinyl LP… Continue reading The Gun Club’s Miami Gets Its Due

L.A. Witch Gets Lit

Well hallelujah, baby! After holing themselves up to write and record new material early this year, L.A. Witch have done finished work on their second full-length album. A volatile concoction of garage rock, punk, blues, country and psychedelia, Play With Fire will scorch the earth August 14, when Suicide Squeeze releases it on vinyl, CD,… Continue reading L.A. Witch Gets Lit

The Scientists

Swampland Soirée: The Scientists Dig It Up and Revel In It “The Scientists were fueled on negative energy – a negative sort of group. A bit like the Stooges, the way the group worked is very similar. There’s not many groups that have worked that way, and I think the result is intense energy.” That’s Kim… Continue reading The Scientists

Jon Spencer

Jon Spencer Hit-Storm: Bluesy Funky Rockabilly Thrash Still Rules, Okay? “Set the Wayback Machine for Never,” proclaims Jon Spencer as he makes his proper solo debut on Jon Spencer Sings the Hits. That’s a pretty good line. It starts out as a rock-critic cliché and twists into a mocking manifesto for a notoriously self-aware artist.… Continue reading Jon Spencer

Dan Sartain – Too Tough to Live

Thirteen tracks in 19 minutes. Dan Sartain obviously doesn’t see a future where he draws a crowd by playing a classic album in its entirety. He should, however, expect modern audiences to buy into his spirited take on punk. Never mind that the few people who’ve heard of Sartain already think he’s a punk act.… Continue reading Dan Sartain – Too Tough to Live

Dave Cloud & the Gospel of Power

The Church of Late Nights and Longnecks: Dave Cloud Finds His Salvation “Better a late bloomer than an early wilter,” points out Dave Cloud, when the subject of his atypical musical career arc is brought up. Next month Cloud turns a dirty ol’ 55. While he is still overwhelmingly unknown outside of Nashville, where he’s… Continue reading Dave Cloud & the Gospel of Power

Dan Sartain

That’s Not Dan Sartain’s Ego Talking: The Lurching Life of the UK’s Favorite Humble Southern Rocker Dan Sartain is ready to do an interview – but, first, he has to sanitize the telephone. “Everybody in this house has pneumonia,” he explains from his parents’ home in Montgomery, Alabama. “I’m talking to you with a t-shirt… Continue reading Dan Sartain