Ghost B.C. – Infestissumum

So when Ghost first appeared on the scene in late 2010, the band was something of a fetid breath of fresh air, if that makes any sense. The anonymously robed and hooded band fronted by Papa Emeritus II, who wears a pope’s vestment with an upside-down cross and skull makeup, certainly upped the ante of the what the hell? factor. Based on the bands visual presentation, anyone would have expected Ghost to be yet another black metal band. But the band’s 2010 oeuvre had a lot more in common with the dark pop/metal sound of Blue Oyster Cult than it did with Darkthrone or Bathory. What’s more, Ghost seemed well aware that their schtick would be perceived as camp – and they were in on the joke. The debut Opus Eponymous was just plain fun.

Three years have elapsed. The band has renamed itself Ghost B.C. because of some copyright mess. And now they’re on the receiving end of a major label push. Apparently the band made some kind of Faustian deal with the devil, right? (Sorry.)

Although the album is a pleasant enough listen, Infestissumum fails to deliver the fun and rock elements that were in such abundance on the debut.  The “Devil’s music” routine that was funny the first time around has now worn thin. More importantly, the guitar has all but disappeared from the band’s sound. Instead, what we have here is organ based chamber pop with Satanic lyrics that sounds more like something The Abominable Dr. Phibes or Boyd Rice would play. This isn’t schlocky fun, it’s just schlock. The members of Ghost B.C. will surely burn in Hell for delivering such a trite and bland album.

Ghost B.C.