Kanye West – Ye

Once upon a time, Kanye West returned to Twitter and (kinda) became a Trump supporter (you can’t do that). He even started wearing a red MAGA hat (you really can’t do that), and then everyone became a social media psychiatrist over night, because how can someone like Kanye West (who’s supposedly this genius) suddenly start supporting someone like Donald Trump (who’s not a genius, who’s this bigoted racist, right?) The unhinged losers with nothing better to do felt betrayed so instead of separating the art from the artist like reasonable people, they did what all unhinged children do when they get frustrated: they threw rocks/trolled/took to social media to declare Kanye West mentally ill.

No one publicly thought Kanye was insane until his new infatuation with Trump started or until he had opened his mind to new ideas off the Democrat Party plantation. Being “mentally ill” is pretty much the only reason why anyone, about half the country, would support Donald Trump…well, besides being racist, sexist, homophobic or just downright ignorant, according to the insufferable anti-Trump crowd. And all the dumb antics that Kanye West pulled before that were okay, but supporting Trump, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back? That crossed a line? These are the kind of nut-jobs that call libertarians “Republicans with bongs.” Young Kanye: “George Bush hates black people”…crickets… Kanye now: puts on a red hat…“well, he’s obviously troubled.”

Kanye’s latest, appropriately named Ye, is his most personal and real release yet, especially considering everything that’s currently going on with him. The record is a less extravagant, more stripped down, simple production. It’s a short as hell album, more like a glorified EP, only seven songs, which is one of the biggest criticisms of the record by many. It features some guest artists, but not a whole slew of them like previous records, but this allows for a more intimate experience. Kid Cudi makes a quick appearance, a sign of things to come on West and Cudi’s collaboration Kids See Ghosts (also out now, just as decent as this record and a way to supplement for the brevity of this album). West’s lyrics are still top notch and despite the critics out there getting all political he lets his art/work do the talking – he’s still the best in the game. Also, Kanye has never been that great of a singer, but he does the best singing he’s ever done on Ye. If this is supposedly the low point of Kayne’s career, I feel sorry for everyone else.

People can shit all over Kanye, but something positive happened out of his supposed blown-way-out-of-proportion-Trump-love-affair: Kim Kardashian West met with President Trump to talk prison reform and Trump pardoned Alice Johnson, a 63-year-old African-American great-grandmother who was in prison for non-violent drug trafficking. That’s more action than social justice warriors get done being know-it-all, holier-than-thou little bitches.

Kanye West
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