Alias Patrick Kelly Stakes His Claim

Atlanta-based Patrick Kelly is a rugged singer-songwriter with a prominent sensitive side (old dudes approve and old ladies swoon, a winning combination doncha know), and a delivery vaguely similar to Springsteen at his heartlandiest. His plainspoken, working class lyrics about everyday lives and loves are showcased nicely on his six-song EP An Unclaimed Inheritance, to be released May 24 under the name Alias Patrick Kelly, about which he claims: “As a songwriter, sometimes it feels like I almost don’t have a hand in writing the songs, you know? Every now and then I get a song idea that just drops in my lap, kind of effortlessly. It almost feels like it didn’t come from me.”

Well, it certainly didn’t come from Lee Ving. But whatever the cosmic inspiration or source for his songs may be, the EP’s release will be celebrated with a performance from Kelly that night downstairs in the Atlanta Room at Smith’s Olde Bar.