Brent Cobb Plants His Toes Back in Georgia

Brent Cobb has moved back to Georgia after spending several years in Los Angeles and Nashville, so it looks like we’ll be including more of him in the “Support Our Troops” section of the magazine for the time being. Especially since the move back to his home state “greatly influenced his songwriting,” according to a press release announcing the impending release of his new album Keep ‘Em On They Toes.

Out Oct. 2 on his own Ol’ Buddy Records (through Thirty Tigers), Toes features ten songs including the advance singles “The World Is Ending” (written years prior to 2020, believe it or not), “Shut Up and Sing” and the title track, written by Cobb with his wife Layne. “It’s a mantra that I live by,” Cobb says of the title, “one that I hope anyone could live by. That mantra is, if it’s good for your own heart, and you got a good heart, do it. Do it whether folks see it coming or not. Live your own life. Be happy.”

Cobb, a Grammy nominee for his 2016 album Shine On Rainy Day, adds that, “to me, listening to this album feels like I’m sitting there with somebody, having a conversation. I would hope that it feels like sitting with an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while. There’s nothing like being alone and listening to an album that is quiet and conversational – like those old records by Jerry Lee Lewis, Roger Miller or Willie Nelson. I hope that my music is that way to somebody now.”