Brent Cobb: You Got That Right

Beginning with the title track’s West Coast country-rock vibe, Americus native Brent Cobb’s Providence Canyon, out May 11th on Low Country Sound/Elektra Records, revisits and revises guitar-slinging country music’s interactions with classic rock.

Yeah, lots of stuff gets compared to the ’70s nowadays, but few of those acts crank out material that really would’ve made for amazing Street Survivors-era Skynyrd cuts. “If I Don’t See Ya” and “When the Dust Settles” fit that billing, and they’re not even the most inventive tracks on the album. Cobb gets more creative – and no less rocking – on the bluesy “Sucker for a Good Time” and the funkier “.30-06.”

Like fellow Georgia boy Travis Tritt, Cobb knows how to incorporate classic rock elements without sounding like he’d be whistling “Strangers in Paradise” at your local honky tonk. Cobb also holds his own as a songwriter, most famously with Miranda Lambert’s “Old Shit.” Throw in a soulful voice and a working relationship with cousin and hotshot producer Dave Cobb, and you’ve got an album suited for Americana junkies and folks craving genuine rock ‘n’ roll.

Photo by Don Van Cleave.