Cindy Wilson Signs with Kill Rock Stars

B-52s member Cindy Wilson sticks with what worked for her over the past 40-plus years on debut solo album Change.

If lead single “Mystic” is any indication, the album will strike the right balance between the B-52s’ fun, danceable vibes and some of the less jovial electronic and indie music that’s passed through the door kicked down by early new wavers.

Wilson’s band and supporting cast are from Athens, making this her most Georgia-centric music since the B-52s were cutting singles for Danny Beard. Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Monahan and drummer Lemuel Hayes might not have a song about the Flintstones in their repertoire yet, but they did first meet Wilson while performing with an Elvis tribute for her son’s birthday. Athens musician and producer Suny Lyons joined the fold soon after, playing on and producing the group’s Sunrise and Supernatural EPs.

The coolest Athens connection, though, is a cover of “Brother” by Oh-OK.

Change is due out in November on Kill Rock Stars.