One Weekend, Two Atlanta Drummers Gone

Two Atlanta rock drummers died suddenly and unexpectedly a day apart the weekend of August 18th, an unrelentingly harsh blow not only to their families but their numerous friends throughout the local scene, many of whom are mutual.

Tony Dinneweth, artist and drummer for horror-punk outfit Casket Creatures and rock duo Sash the Bash (with Sasha Vallely of Midnight Larks), left us on Friday, August 18th when he collapsed at work and was unable to be revived. Dinneweth, who would have turned 42 on Christmas day, had also played in The Cogburns, The Scragglers, Sixer, Rocket 350, Screamin’ Demons, Black Daniels, Grim Rooster and undoubtedly a number of others not listed here. Sash the Bash were scheduled to finish up a recording in South Carolina over the weekend. “We are not totally certain what happened, but all signs point to a heart attack,” said Vallely. “His biological father died the same way… I’m completely devastated.” Dinneweth (pictured here), nicknamed “Tony 2 Skulls,” was also a tremendously talented artist whose specialty was decorative pinstriping on autos, motorcycles and other surfaces.

The next afternoon – Saturday, August 19th – a heart attack took Marco Jose Gollarza, best known as the drummer for metal bands Dark Overlord and Red Rocket Deluxe. Gollarza, 47, was also suffering from pancreatitis. For over 20 years he tended bar at The Highlander, which closed to the public at 5 p.m. the day of his death for a private gathering of his many friends and co-workers.