Confessions at Sunset: New Omni 45 Out 4/20

Henry Owings’ Chunklet Industries goes above and beyond when it comes to archiving Atlanta’s underground rock scenes on vinyl. He took the reins from such long-gone labels as WorryBird and Rob’s House, making sure the rest of the world knows that Atlanta ain’t overrun with a bunch of copycat garage bands. The latest homegrown talents with their creative progress recorded for posterity is seasoned three-piece Omni.

Both sides of wax, “Sunset Preacher” and “Confessional,” find band co-founders Phillip Frobos (Carnivores) and Frankie Broyles (Balkans, Deerhunter) improving their songwriting chops after years spent on stage and in the studio. As they continue tightening up their guitar work and lyrics, Omni evolves from a new wave and post-punk appreciation society to an established creative force.

It’s the latest in a long line of Chunklet releases with Georgia ties. Owings has released or co-released records by Pylon, Shepherds, Dot.s, Small Reactions, Nag, DiCaprio, Death Stuff, Material Girls and others, cluing his established audience in on Georgia’s current hot bed of talent.

Photo by Sebastian Weiss.