Small Reactions, Dot.s Share Single

Chunklet Industries and Indianapolis’ Third Uncle Records recently released a limited-run, hand-cut 7-inch highlighting two of the more adventurous bands in Atlanta: experimental indie-pop vets Small Reactions and dance-pop four-piece Dot.s.

Small Reactions (pictured) normally write modern indie rock that stretches the taut boundaries of pop song structures and lyrical content. Amid the upbeat sound of “Dinner Song” lurks unease, as singer and guitarist Scotty Hoffman teeters near the edge over his post-meal expectations: “I will, I won’t, I will, I won’t…” The song captures the danceable end of the post-punk spectrum (think Pylon – who in this state doesn’t want to be them?) as well as the other side of the coin’s sense of impending danger.

Dot.s bring a more sunshiny disposition to its half of the record. Catchy electronic pop rules the day for them, as usual, on “Rose Lens.” As their press materials put it, the band takes dance music “to a place that is unfamiliar and confusing and sweet.”