Don’t Blush, Meet The Crush

First off, what a great band name. “Crush” must be among the most versatile rock ‘n’ roll action verbs. It has both romantic and violent undertones. Not at once, of course. It evokes images of the tender and tough rocker, not some unsavory scumbag. Surely, The Crush has been used as a band name before, but somehow no one influential claimed it in the Bowery or on the Sunset Strip.

Secondly, the name belongs to an Atlanta band with the hard rock chops and punk sneer to deserve such a potent word. The band’s self-titled CD/LP weaves together strands of its members’ past bands’ sounds into something new yet familiar. Formidable “ex-members of” accolades include the Luchagors, Doomsayer, Gates of Berlin and even Skid Row.

The result of this approach is nothing new, but that’s fine. Sometimes listeners rush to a trough because they know there’s some damn good tasting water there.