Drive-By Truckers Keep Their Virtue Signals Flashing

Years ago, when I heard about an album called Gangstabilly I assumed it was Kid Rock’s side project. Since then I’ve come to realize Drive-By Truckers aren’t nearly as fun or entertaining. On ATO Records’ soon-to-be-released limited edition 7” single from the group, they deliver up a coupla slices of plodding, low-T dad-rock. At this point rock ‘n’ roll is so thoroughly infected with cultural Marxism that firearms and Confederate monument rallies are much more exhilarating.

“I want people to hear the song whether they like it or not because it’s part of a conversation,” Patterson Hood told Rolling Stone, regarding the single’s A-side, a version of “What It Means” (from their latest album, American Band) recorded live at the Newport Folk Festival. But, in my experience, anti-Trump resisters are never willing to talk about the specifics and statistics revealing that roughly 5% of the population – the same demographic Hood seeks to champion with this song – commit over 50% of violent crimes in this country. But if Hood was actually interested in facts he wouldn’t endorse the anti-police domestic terror gang Black Lives Matter, which was founded purely on deception. While promoting this song Hood has been desperately – almost pathologically – signaling his negrophilia to salivating left-wing rock journos. Certainly, his recent political awakening will elicit hearty high fives and fist bumps from the band’s five black fans.

Claiming “fear of the other” is what motivates Trump supporters and Unite the Right Tiki Torchers, the B-side “The Perilous Night” offers zero insight into the hearts and minds of those who Hood claims vote against their own interests.

Proceeds from sales of this single will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose hate list targets just the kind of people Hood rails against. Peddling hate scares is a cash cow right now, too. Guilty liberals lap it up and donate lots of money. Though it appears membership in the KKK continues to dwindle, at last report the SPLC was worth over $320 million. A recent financial analysis uncovered millions the 501(c)(3) organization had moved to the Cayman Islands and other overseas tax havens. And harsh criticism came from the left and right after investigative journalists discovered that members of the SPLC worked as undercover informants for the FBI in the 1990s, and had prior knowledge of plans to bomb the federal building in Oklahoma City. In 2012 a gay rights activist who planned a mass murder of employees before his gun was wrestled away targeted the Family Research Council. The FRC was listed on SPLC’s Hate Map due to their support of traditional marriage.

I’d like to think the Truckers are just naive, but useful idiots can harm or endanger others with their reckless attempts to seem virtuous.

Photo by Danny Clinch.