Jesse Malin

Stayin’ Alive For Jesse Malin, It’s All for the Love of Rock ‘n’ Roll Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jesse Malin stands in the back room at Niagara, the bar in New York City’s East Village neighborhood that he has co-owned since 1997 – but he first started coming here in the 1980s, when it was named the… Continue reading Jesse Malin

The Queers – Save the World

On the heels of well received releases from Screeching Weasel, The Manges, and others last year, “Ramonescore” fanatics are now treated to a bonus album, the new Queers’ record, Save The World. This record marks the twelfth full-length from a band that has constantly toured and recorded since the early ’80s, at least with sole-remaining member,… Continue reading The Queers – Save the World

Antagonizers ATL: Street Punk Kings March On

Maybe it’s just because everything else has become so watered down and meaningless, but the “street punk” pumped out by bands such as Antagonizers ATL just sounds like rock ‘n’ roll music to me, or at least regular old meat ‘n’ potatoes punk rock. But maybe that’s the point. There’s no dickin’ around involved, no… Continue reading Antagonizers ATL: Street Punk Kings March On

Craigzlist Punks Tickle Your Tootsies

Atlanta area punk band Craigzlist Punks (the band actually formed via Craigslist) have released their second full-length, Toe Tally Fun, featuring 14 tracks of in-your-face, not-so-serious punk rock in the vein of such bands as Guttermouth and NOFX. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Greg Hendler at Atlanta’s GMH Audio, and produced by Craigzlist drummer Rolando… Continue reading Craigzlist Punks Tickle Your Tootsies

The Gun Club, Part 3 (Patricia Morrison Interview)

Patricia Morrison Gun Club Bass Guitarist, June 1982 – December 1984 Though she only recorded their third studio album, The Las Vegas Story, with the band, Patricia Morrison will forever be associated with The Gun Club, as much if not more for the female yang and gothic visual impact she brought to the band as… Continue reading The Gun Club, Part 3 (Patricia Morrison Interview)

Adulkt Life – Book of Curses

Every once in a while, recombinant DNA experiments pay off. Male Bonding was a London garage punk outfit with a promising sound that often came up tantalizingly short on the key dynamics of hooks and transgression. Enter Chris Rowley – onetime member of Huggy Bear, UK standard bearers for the riot grrrl movement helmed stateside… Continue reading Adulkt Life – Book of Curses

Richard Hell Repaves His Destiny Street

Richard Hell & the Voidoids’ second and final album, Destiny Street, had a troubled story from the start. After the band’s original lineup disintegrated, for a few interim years Hell occupied his time with acting and smack, while different players shifted in and out of the Voidoids. When Destiny Street finally came out in 1982,… Continue reading Richard Hell Repaves His Destiny Street

Osees – Protean Threat

John Dwyer, extraordinaire-extraordinaire, delivers the first real album from the latest psych-O incarnate: Osees (drop the “H” you dust sucker!) What was previously long and lysergic-dipped jazz ooze (2019’s Face Stabber) is now quick pelts of ice-punk burst. As in the proverbial “WE,” we call it: Protean Threat. WE just got word back from the Nationale Garde,… Continue reading Osees – Protean Threat

The Coathangers’ First Album Repressed with Extras

Recorded at Nickel and Dime Studios, and released in the late summer of 2007 by Atlanta micro labels Rob’s House and Die Slaughterhaus, The Coathangers’ self-titled debut album captured the band in their frantic and playful introductory stages, when it was all done for silly local fun and thoughts of taking things a bit more… Continue reading The Coathangers’ First Album Repressed with Extras

Mini Skirt – Casino

I believe punk has found a rightful home in the Land Down Under. It took us long enough. But everything about that floating penal rock calls for punk music. It’s hot, it’s dry (and still savage). The poison still flows beneath the ground there, something I can’t say about many other places. Where punk all began… Continue reading Mini Skirt – Casino

Shehehe Poops in Your Yard and Leaves It

Athens trio Shehehe bash out big blaring punk anthem after big blaring punk anthem. Out July 31, their new album Pet Songs (via Richmond, Virginia’s Say-10 Records) delivers a sound beating of loud, boisterous, ‘90s-style shout-fests, marked by well-practiced split-second halts ‘n’ launches and call & response gang vocals. It’s bracing for a song or… Continue reading Shehehe Poops in Your Yard and Leaves It

True Vision

True Vision: One Man’s View of South Florida Punk 1979-1984 Photos by Jim Johnson [self-published] Bolstered by heavy media/industry presence, avant-garde art scene, urban trashiness and sheer population (among many other factors), New York City was the obvious epicenter of the early American punk and new wave outbursts, followed closely by Los Angeles and, to… Continue reading True Vision

Georgia Dish Boys Unpack the Suitcase of Life

The nine songs that comprise Suitcase of Life, the forthcoming sixth album from Georgia Dish Boys, are partitioned by audio verité snippets recorded by vocalist/guitarist Seth Martin while on tour out West last year, capturing random, displaced scenes from the road: the van door shutting, the engine starting, the dial being impatiently scanned on the… Continue reading Georgia Dish Boys Unpack the Suitcase of Life

Screeching Weasel – Some Freaks of Atavism

Ben Weasel has had a legendary/storied career, not only with Screeching Weasel but also The Riverdales, a popular underground Ramones-esque punk outfit formed while Screeching Weasel was on the outs. But ever since an infamous 2011 incident at SXSW, he’s been canceled/blacklisted. Band members resigned shortly after the incident, the band’s tour dates were erased,… Continue reading Screeching Weasel – Some Freaks of Atavism

The Chats – High Risk Behaviour

Australia, world superpower in all things garage and punk, gave us The Chats, a mullet sportin’ Foster’s lager PSA, and they gave us High Risk Behaviour, a shotgun slap of punk ooze just in time for the coming jean shorts season. This new wave of Aussie punk has taken the same measures that their British… Continue reading The Chats – High Risk Behaviour


New Orleans based melodic hardcore punk rockers PEARS are back with a third self-titled full-length album consisting of 14 in-your-face, anxiety-ridden tracks. The record is a great refresher course for those who are into punk and hardcore (or a beginner’s guide for those who are not). It’s heavy. It’s fast. It’s old-school meets new-school. It… Continue reading PEARS – PEARS

Viagra Boys – Common Sense

Sweden’s Viagra Boys are an undeniably cool outfit that float authentic punk into the downstream. The live shows are sporadic, frantic, sweaty, and quite literally puke-ridden, as frontman Sebastian Murphy tends to get choked up during a song or two. He releases the bile kraken onto the stage then goes back to whatever he was… Continue reading Viagra Boys – Common Sense

Starcrawler – Devour You

We open to the convoluted chatterings of classroom nuisance. Building, it seeps into “Lizzy,” the opening track. The first lick immediately showcases the new abilities acquired during the interim between last year’s self-titled debut and this. With a crash and wail, lead singer and frontwoman Arrow de Wilde screeches the line “I think I’m falling… Continue reading Starcrawler – Devour You

Forsaken Profits Scorch and Destroy

A supporter of Forsaken Profits’ Bandcamp page named Larry Parker wrote the best summary you’ll ever read about the band, calling new album Destroy the Evidence “perfect church and school zone music.” That’s an apt description of music that’s dialed into the suburban rage and youthful rebellion fueling thrash metal, hardcore punk and other sounds captured throughout the… Continue reading Forsaken Profits Scorch and Destroy

Mannequin Pussy – Patience

It’s been several years since I’ve gotten excited about a record on Epitaph – a label that’s seemingly doubled down on a commercialized strain of American punk tailored to the Vans Warped Tour demographic. I may need to revisit that assessment, however, after hearing the powerhouse that is Patience, Mannequin Pussy’s third and best album.… Continue reading Mannequin Pussy – Patience

Refusing to Get a Clue

Sure, we may differ on many issues, but can we all agree that there’s nothing better than a band that delivers political speeches between songs? Am I right? …Yes? …Anyone?… Now well into middle age, Swedish punk flunkies Refused continue their dogged campaign against capitalism by signing to privately-owned-and-operated labels (Spinefarm – part of the… Continue reading Refusing to Get a Clue

This is Not Berlin

Seen as a rite of passage in a culture that demands conformity, two friends, Carlos (Xabiani Ponce de Leon) and Gera (Jose Antonio Toledano), set their sights above high rivalries and their anticipation of World Cup soccer, aiming instead for the hedonic pursuits of Mexico’s clandestine nightlife at the various clubs and bars in director… Continue reading This is Not Berlin

What’s Warm Red and Heard All Over?

Warm Red isn’t the name of a soda that’s unavailable this far south of Pittsburgh. Instead, it’s a no wave inspired band featuring some familiar faces from Atlanta’s hardcore punk scene. Together, the four-piece maintains the usual descriptors (aggressive, frenetic, D.I.Y., best served live, etc.) while drawing comparisons to Mayyors, U-J3RK5 and other aggressive, frenetic,… Continue reading What’s Warm Red and Heard All Over?

Five Years Rippin’ Out the Jams

Atlanta-based A Rippin’ Production spent over four years putting on some of the best metal and punk shows in town before earning booking responsibilities at 529 back in April. To celebrate its growth from a one-man operation to a multi-person force in the East Atlanta Village, the company will host a three-night fifth birthday party… Continue reading Five Years Rippin’ Out the Jams