I Endured OBB’s Auditory IBD So You Don’t Have To

At first glance upon seeing the photo accompanying the press release, I thought, “Hmm, I guess The Head have something new coming out.” Then I quickly realized it couldn’t be The Head, ’cuz these guys have their shirts on. Instead, it’s another Atlanta-based brotherly trio called OBB, and Oh Boy, Buddy, do they ever Out-Bung Bieber with their upcoming, three-song EP Is This a Thing, which Nashville’s Curb Records is inflicting upon us July 6th.

What this thing is is designer label boy-band prancin’, dancin’ and romancin’, with balloony aerodynamic vocals, jumpy hip-swinging tempos and factory-processed instrumentation making smooth, ambiguously gay soul that can’t be gay ’cuz bros Zach, Jacob and Nich Oswald sing about girls and they’re apparently Christians. I haven’t been able to stomach listening to pop radio in 20+ years and thanks to OBB I am freshly reminded why.