Jim White Throws a Misfit’s Jubilee

Self-consciously quirky singer-songwriter Jim White tends to assemble his albums meticulously, often employing the talents of an ever-shifting cadre of contributing musicians and backing singers. So Misfit’s Jubilee, his forthcoming album scheduled for an Oct. 30 release, is certainly a comparatively basic affair, recorded primarily in Antwerp, Belgium with drummer Marlon Patton, guitarist/banjoist Geert Hellings and bassist/keyboardist Nicolas Rombouts backing him up. Conversely, it’s also a largely uptempo batch of tunes, albeit characteristically eccentric.

The Winterville resident, who grew up in Pensacola, simultaneously exploits and defecates on the South in his character-driven songs, presenting them as heavy-handedly offbeat, fake folk-art cerebrations that appeal to New York assholes, which might earn him the editorship position at The Bitter Southerner but otherwise prompts generations-deep bumpkins to organize their ammo in preparation for the inevitable. Oh, those wacky backwoods rednecks!

He sucks. But Misfit’s Jubilee does have one good song on it. Accidents will happen.