JK Crowe’s Trailer-Made Electronic Pop

Electronic pop singer-songwriter JK Crowe reminds us of the musical magic the digital age allows to take root in unlikely places. In this case, the five songs on Crowe’s Buried EP were imagined in a trailer behind his grandparents’ Northeast Georgia home.

A brainy, sensitive Elliott Smith-type with a guitar and a drum machine, Crowe pieced together his recent release with TV on the Radio drummer and Post Malone collaborator Roofeeo. The set of songs begins and ends with the soothing lullabies “I Am Nowhere” and “Buried,” respectively. In between, there’s such products of mad science as the electronic slow-burner “Low Life” and the pulse-pounding “Whole in the Sky.” It’s pop in the modern sense by a single visionary and not a studio full of co-writers.

Hopefully, this multi-talented artist gains enough momentum that I once again have to consciously keep from typing the name of bluegrass legend JD Crowe.

Photo by Brock Fetch.