Killer Mike Named to High Museum Board

Killer Mike is like the Al Sharpton of the rap world. He clearly considers himself the last word in justice and the ultimate judge on what is acceptable or not, and it usually revolves around the obvious fact that he’s black. He wants to be taken seriously as an erudite social commentator, so he’s in constant overexposure mode, injecting himself into situations and rarely adding much of benefit beyond boosting his own bloated image and ego. For years it’s seemed like he’s eyeing a political career of some sort. Like all leftists/statists/socialists, he craves control over people and wants to smash-and-grab their cash and limit their liberty for whatever he deems “the common good.” He’s just not very bright, he’s full of indignation and animosity, and beyond that, Run the Jewels has to be the most overrated hipster-approved rap group in the history of hip-hop.

So of course, Atlanta’s celebrity-dazzled leaders and media clowns consider him (and all local rappers, actually) to be someone of utmost importance and authority. Earlier this year, newly elected Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms appointed Killer Mike and fellow rapper T.I. to her “transition team.” What the two actually did, besides lend star power, is unclear, but now Mike (last name: Render) has been appointed to the board of directors of Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. His qualifications? He took art classes in high school. And he’s a famous dope smoking rapper that has to be involved in everything.

In a move undoubtedly intended to lend “street cred” to a well-established art museum whose leadership is evidently uncomfortable with what it sees as a pervasive, stuffy “rich/white” image in a majority black city, the High also announced this week the selection of Interscope Records’ National Director of Urban Promotions Keinon Johnson for the board, along with whiteys David Park (Georgia-Pacific exec) and Jean Hanges (identified by the AJC as a “community activist”).

Telling 11 Alive News that he considers art to be “anything that you look at and it instinctively moves you passionately,” perhaps Mike will diligently work to move all those Confederate statues and monuments he passionately wants torn down into the High. Or maybe he’ll just arrange for rap videos to be filmed there and make 2 Chainz’ pink crackhouse a permanent exhibit. We can’t wait to see what sorta bling he brings to the operation. He stresses that he wants more people that look like him to come to the High, so the museum should prepare for an onslaught of 300 lb. bald guys with beards.