Dark Money

Whatcha say there, tiny tot? You’re perfectly content to operate in a dictatorship, voting for one particular political party every single time, and when that party of yours loses big time, the best you can muster is playing da ol’ blame-game? Hmmmm? (In millennial Daffy Duck voice): “I wanna get my way every time there’s an election – when my candidate wins AND when they lose an election, and those who also voted their conscience should be demonized as Nazis for not letting me have my way! Waughh!” Democracy isn’t at risk because your candidate didn’t win, but then in director Kimberly Reed’s movie about who’s behind anonymous, untraceable financial contributions designed to influence and control public policy, you’d think that it was the mysterious Koch Brothers at every turn since George Soros’ name never once comes up! Using her home state of Montana as a template for preserving fair national elections, in 1912 that state passed campaign finance reform to offset copper mining interests. Through all the legalistic jargon there’s a necessary story to be found about the purpose of an “unbiased” watchdog media and policy decisions reflecting corporate interests, but it would seem that Firesign Theatre was right all along: everything you know is wrong!