Liza Anne Blossoms on Third LP

Indie-folk singer Liza Anne must not mind the South, as her biggest jump from her Saint Simons Island hometown took her to the bright lights of Nashville.

Per her new song “Small Talks,” she doesn’t care too much for the seemingly empty exchanges of pleasantries that are part of Southern hospitality, both on the Georgia coast and in Music City USA. Her danceable take on navigating Southern social trappings is the third single from forthcoming album Fine But Dying, out March 9 on Arts & Crafts Records. In a press release, Liza refers to her third full-length solo outing as “my woman at her wildest self album.” The set of songs unflinchingly explore the artist’s inner anxieties and history of mental illness. Singer-songwriters tend to be chronic over-sharers, so it’s no surprise that Liza or anyone else cut from the same cloth would deconstruct mundane conversations in a way that provides emotional relief through planned vulnerability.

Liza’s next stop in Georgia brings her to The EARL on April 21st.