Pylon Reenactment Society Goes Legit

Vanessa and the Cookies, better known in the physical universe as Pylon Reenactment Society, are making a valiant attempt at transcending their glorified tribute band status with the gradual influx of fresh original material into their setlists. Now Chunklet Industries is releasing two of those new songs on a forthcoming 7-inch single. While the group’s upcoming shows with Peter Holsapple at Hendershots in Athens (Nov. 2) and 529 in Atlanta (Nov. 3, early show/doors at 6 p.m.) were envisioned as the release parties, the manufacturing is running behind schedule, so there’ll be 50 test pressings available for purchase while they last. Pre-orders for the real deal, in your choice of blue, clear or black vinyl, should start around that time also.

As for the songs, A-side “Messenger” has an ominous, apocalyptic undercurrent and is the cut most obviously “in the style of” Pylon, with protruding basslines, cunning stop-and-go guitar patterns, an irresistible dance beat and Vanessa Hay’s puzzle-piece lyrics and familiar voice. The flip, “Cliff Notes,” is significantly more jittery and funky, with babbling harpsichord and boisterous backing vocals. Both are potent and heartening, boding well for the future if they intend to pursue this further.

Photo by John Boydston.