Starbenders Drop Their Love Potions

Starbenders enjoyed a short but sweet burst of nationwide exposure in late October when drummer Emily Moon got to sit in with the 8G house band on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Myers. Best case scenario, that’s the sort of thing that could potentially lead to the whole band appearing on the show, which wouldn’t be too shabby, now would it?

So we’ll see what happens upon the release of their new album Love Potions, which Sumerian Records drops on Feb. 14. Everything is overly large and loud and designed and strategized with this band – hair, clothes, sound, stage moves – but they’re basically Evanescence crossed with Heart, and it’s a package that’s already earned them superfans in Japan, where they’ll be touring in the Spring. Any sort of rock ‘n’ roll has an uphill climb in the U.S. anymore, but they’re slick and shrewd, and connections still matter, so it’s not out of the question that we’ll eventually see them pop up on a late night talk show, if not the board of Burisma. In the meantime, they have an album release show lined up for Thursday, Feb. 13 at Masquerade.