The Swear Get Their Jackets Straight

Since hopping aboard the ever-popular one-way wagon train from Atlanta to Nashville a number of years ago, Elizabeth Elkins (pictured) has (among other endeavors) busied herself with songwriting, performing with her Americana duo Granville Automatic, and co-writing (with Brian Allison and her Granville Automatic partner Vanessa Olivarez) the illuminating book Hidden History of Music Row, published last August.

Somewhere amidst all that she found time to reactivate her alt-rock concern The Swear, a staple of Atlanta clubs from the mid-aughts through the early-teens. Recorded in Nashville last December with the original rhythm section (drummer Kent Aberle and bass guitarist Kevin Williams) and new addition Ethan Luck on lead guitar, the group’s fourth album The Clinic and the Sane is set to come out July 17. Chrystal Leigh of Vancouver country duo Sons of Daughters contributes backing vocals to advance scorcher “I Sold My Soul on Gallatin Road.”