Manchester Orchestra Releases Single, Demos, Film, Hot Air

One of the safest/most boring “rock” bands on the planet, Manchester Orchestra have released a documentary titled I Know How To Speak, offering fans an exclusive look at how this Christian-band-that’s-not-a-Christian-band’s sausage was supposedly made during the recording of 2017’s “acclaimed” album, A Black Mile To the Surface.

The documentary is what the band calls “a journey to the surface via a unique, immersive digital experience,” which is just a really pretentious way to say that the video is available for free on their website. The reason it’s called I Know How To Speak is because that’s the name of Manchester Orchestra’s new single that they’re currently peddling, unlike the free documentary. The band is releasing a limited edition 7″ vinyl of the “I Know How To Speak” single due out August 3rd. In further self-promotion, the band’s website offers additional (needless) behind the scenes footage, song annotations by singer/guitarist Andy Hull and previously unreleased demos of tracks from Black Mile, available separately via digital platforms as The Black Mile Demos EP.

In statement from Hull written while inhaling his own farts, he expounds, “Today we are releasing two projects at once, something that we have never done before. First, a fly on the wall glimpse of the process of making this album – the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. I Know How to Speak encompasses the wide range of emotions that the studio process brings, and we hope you enjoy seeing the work behind the scenes. We are also releasing a collection of these songs’ original demos in their earliest, rawest form. The Black Mile Demos are the seeds of how this all started. The initial, rough-around-the edges recordings, done with one microphone in some distant and often strange locations…”