The Waymores Weigh In With Weeds

Honky Tonkin’ duo Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise perform extensively as one of Atlanta’s best country music exports, The Waymores. Their debut EP Weeds arrives April 5 via Chicken Ranch Records and offers a strong cross-section of their talents as old-school lyricists and stylists.

Drinking song duets like “Matches” and “Bring You Down” point to Waylon Jennings, but the influences heard on this five-song collection go way deeper than Hoss’ outlaw albums. For instance, the detailed story of “Moe Brown” the clown could’ve come from the pen of dark, witty genius Tom T. Hall. The whimsical “Dumb Old Dog” might’ve suited the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in between their jug band and commercial country phases. More candidly, “Weeds” sounds like a deeply personal travelogue by a couple determined to share its music in every watering hole between here and Bakersfield.

Just like Waylon and Jessi, this couple’s love of music – and each other – comes across in its live set and on its debut record. You can get the best of both worlds at their album release show on Saturday, April 20 at the Red Light Café.

Photo by Lindsay Garrett.