Twin Criminal Rides the Backslide

Atlanta trio Twin Criminal creates melodic hard rock that’s not beholden to any subgenre or decade-specific reference point on its new six-song collection, Backsliding.

That’s to say you can’t just compare the band to The Stooges and the ’70s or Smashing Pumpkins and the ’90s and call it a day, although traces of both inform “Teacher,” “My Words Breed Unwanted Children” and others. It’s a rock album in the purest sense, enjoyable for fans of heavy, guitar-driven music. No deep knowledge of noise rock or extreme metal obscurities is required.

The band teams former Cloudeater members Trevor Flanders and Daniel Friedman with accomplished jazz drummer Danny Paschall – known for touring with the likes of Col. Bruce Hampton and former Frank Zappa sideman Ike Willis. Wise pick, as it often takes a skilled, experienced drummer to intertwine so many different strands of influence together into something coherent and new.

The record arrives on streaming sites on March 25. Two days later, a release show will be held at 529, featuring supporting acts The Organ Machines and Vanishing Kids.