Von Grey Put On Their Bloomers

Rocking/folksy sister trio Von Grey came along in 2011 as local teenage phenoms. Seven years later, members Kathryn (age 23), Annika (21), and Fiona (20) combine the knowledge that comes with nearly a decade as a band with coming-of-age wisdom for new EP In Bloom: Acoustic, set for release July 20.

Half of the six-song EP consists of brand-new songs with lush, almost theatric arrangements. This approach really shows off the sisters’ knack for harmonizing and spotting a solid, pop-accessible song. “Plans,” for instance, sounds like a soundtrack cut without a play or film while maintaining the trio’s folk, rock, and pop bite.

The other half of the EP features simultaneously gussied-up and stripped-down takes on three songs off prior album Trinity:”6 AM,” “Poison in the Water,” and “Closer to You.” This approach doesn’t make the songs sound too fancy or sparse. Instead, it lets those all-important vocal harmonies and poetic lyrics breathe a little.

Photo by Fiona Von Grey.