Fine Time for New Spider Bags

North Carolina’s Spider Bags have been one of the South’s best semi-hidden gems for over a decade now, with a lineup that’s occasionally been as wobbly and unstable as the raggedy rock ‘n’ roll they manage to keep blasting out, as if it’s an addiction they can’t kick. But there’s always blunt honesty and a little bit o’ beauty lurking amongst the nose hairs, if you feel like digging around for it.

Recorded in Memphis, with Jack Oblivian, Patrick Stickles (Titus Andronicus), Matthew Hoppengardner (Austin’s Golden Boys), Jana Misener and Krista Wroten (Memphis Dawls) and others chipping in, the Bags’ latest album Someday Everything Will Be Fine slams, struts and staggers with the intoxicated grime particular to that lost-in-time Southern burg. “Rock and roll just sounds better there. I swear,” frontman Dan McGee declares. You can hear what he’s talking about when Merge releases it on August 3.

Photo by Alex Boerner.