Larkin Poe Convene with Kindred Spirits

Larkin Poe have sprinkled a few renditions of old blues songs into their tracklistings from time to time, but their forthcoming album Kindred Spirits finds them filling an entire album with cover versions, largely selected from the classic rock display case in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The project stems from the Georgia… Continue reading Larkin Poe Convene with Kindred Spirits

More Allman Brothers From the Vaults Coming Oct. 16

When you’re one of those bands that not only allows but encourages its audience to tape all its shows, it’s inevitable that there’ll be a plethora of live albums of your shows, especially after you’re no longer around. That’s certainly the case with The Allman Brothers Band, who’ll have two new concert recordings excavated from… Continue reading More Allman Brothers From the Vaults Coming Oct. 16

Blackberry Smoke Take the Highway…to Macon

Blackberry Smoke have comfortably become the quintessential modern-day Southern Rock revival band the Black Crowes always desperately wanted to be but were too consumed by weed, drama and attitude to properly achieve. Blackberry Smoke’s 2016 album Like an Arrow featured Gregg Allman on a cut, and their outright reverence for their Southern Rock forefathers continues… Continue reading Blackberry Smoke Take the Highway…to Macon

Pre-Allman Brothers Recordings Re-Released

Early, out-of-print pre-Allman Brothers Band music from Duane and Gregg Allman will be reissued on vinyl and CD on March 27, appearing on the latter format for the first time. Originally issued in 1973 as Early Allman, the only session work from the brothers’ teenage band Allman Joys, recorded in August 1966, is the earliest… Continue reading Pre-Allman Brothers Recordings Re-Released

Allman Brothers Band Gets Career-Spanning Box

An extensive, career-spanning box set is on the way to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the founding of The Allman Brothers Band. Available as a 10-LP vinyl box, 5-CD set and digitally, Trouble No More: 50th Anniversary Collection assembles a half century of tracks culled from every studio album the band released (even… Continue reading Allman Brothers Band Gets Career-Spanning Box

Jimmy Herring Plays a Numbers Game

Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring first came to the attention of Atlanta music fans as the guitarist for the Aquarium Rescue Unit back when Bruce Hampton’s then-new group was playing every week at the Little Five Points Pub and beginning to amass a dedicated following. Like many of that group’s other members, Herring went on… Continue reading Jimmy Herring Plays a Numbers Game

Gregg Allman’s First Solo Forays Re-Released


Gregg Allman’s 1973 solo album Laid Back followed some extreme ups and downs. Earlier that same year, the Allman Brothers Band’s fourth album Brothers and Sisters forecast the future for Southern rockers and jam band enthusiasts. During the same time period, Allman grieved the 1971 death of his brother and band mate Duane and the 1972 passing of bassist… Continue reading Gregg Allman’s First Solo Forays Re-Released

State of Georgia, Public Records Division

Intending to dive into the Record Store Day shenanigans on April 13 in hopes of getting your paws on one of those Sheena Easton “Sugar Walls” picture discs? Well, while you’re feverishly digging through the crates, you might wanna also keep an eye out for these special releases from some Georgia old-timers. Bingo Hand Job… Continue reading State of Georgia, Public Records Division

Kofi Burbridge, 1961-2019

Musician Kofi Burbridge died on Friday, Feb. 15, the same day that the Tedeschi Trucks Band, for whom Burbridge played flute and keyboards since its founding in 2010, released its new album Signs. Burbridge, who was 57, suffered a massive heart attack in 2017, requiring valve repair and replacement of his aorta. He underwent further… Continue reading Kofi Burbridge, 1961-2019

Gregg Allman Haunts with Southern Blood

Gregg Allman’s last musical words are rather chilling, as heard on posthumous album Southern Blood. NPR premiered “My Only True Friend” back in late July. Like fellow genre-altering giant David Bowie, listeners will get the feeling that Allman used his final recording sessions to cope with mortality and prepare a fitting farewell. The true friend… Continue reading Gregg Allman Haunts with Southern Blood

Bruce Hampton, 1947-2017

In the end, the spectacular finale of his last night on earth will become the legend, overshadowing the scattered but often significant details of his life. It’s still only hours after he exhaled his last breath, and I can already see that scenario happening. But in fairness, it’s completely understandable. While the sudden loss is… Continue reading Bruce Hampton, 1947-2017

January Marches to a Down Beat

Can’s drummer Jaki Liebezeit (second from right in this band photo) died of pneumonia on January 22nd. Born just before World War II began in Dresden, Germany, Liebezeit spent the postwar years playing jazz, including with Manfred Schoof’s Quintet, helping pioneer European free jazz. He subsequently helped form Can in 1968. While Can blazed their… Continue reading January Marches to a Down Beat

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Keep On Growing: Derek Trucks on His Musical Evolution and the Stubborn Freedom of the Tedeschi Trucks Band The nephew of Allman Brothers Band drummer and founding member Butch Trucks, guitarist Derek Trucks was a musical prodigy. He started playing gigs before he reached his teens; by 13 he had toured. By 17 he formed… Continue reading Tedeschi Trucks Band

Swamp Dogg, Part 3

“So I ended up working at a car lot. And my job was to be there every morning at 4:30, and to wipe the dew off the cars so they would shine. He called himself the biggest car dealer in Miami. I think he might have been bigger than he said he was. I’ve never… Continue reading Swamp Dogg, Part 3

Gregg Allman

Trouble No More Has Gregg Allman Finally Found Health and Happiness? “I’ll go to the end…I’m not trained for much else, bro. Not to mention it’s my passion,” says Gregg Allman when he’s presented with a rumor that the Allman Brothers Band might hang it up after 2014, their 45th year. “You think of how… Continue reading Gregg Allman