Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels 80th Birthday Volunteer Jam 11-30-2016 - Bridgestone Arena - Nashville, TN

Chicken in the What? Charlie Daniels, Still Sawin’ on a Fiddle and Playin’ it Hot at 83 Whether they appreciate him for his early career work as a studio musician for Bob Dylan, his defining hit that blares on classic rock airwaves, or his current role as an outspoken patriot, you can just about sell… Continue reading Charlie Daniels

Lillie Mae – Other Girls

Expectations soared for Lillie Mae’s second Third Man Records full-length, Other Girls, after the single “You’ve Got Other Girls for That” captured the former Jack White bandmate exploring new sonic territory while tearing down a manipulative former lover. After the album arrived on Aug. 16, other songs made with Nashville’s go-to producer Dave Cobb provided even… Continue reading Lillie Mae – Other Girls

Eric Brace/Peter Cooper/Thomm Jutz – Riverland

A gorgeous sight, the site of historic battles and the muse of William Faulkner. All three define the history of the mighty Mississippi River for authors, songwriters and others drawn to a picturesque region inhabited by the rural survivors and quirky characters at the heart of so many classic novels and memorable songs. The latest… Continue reading Eric Brace/Peter Cooper/Thomm Jutz – Riverland

Martha Spencer – Martha Spencer

From her work with her kinfolks’ Whitetop Mountain Band to her more recent collaborations with Lillie Mae’s brother Frank Rische, Martha Spencer always sings the songs of her Blue Ridge Mountain home. While Appalachian string band music gives Spencer’s new solo outing heart, the project’s ageless soul traces Southern music from the commercialization of old… Continue reading Martha Spencer – Martha Spencer

The War and Treaty

Where the Loving Is At: The War and Treaty Speak to the Soul If you were moved by Mavis Staples’ masterful performance at this year’s CMA Awards, check out The War and Treaty. The duo of Michael Jr. and Tanya Trotter pay homage to Staples, Aretha Franklin, and other singers with church-grown soul; preserving classic… Continue reading The War and Treaty

Larkin Poe Takes Risks, Keeps the Faith

Calhoun-raised sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell’s evolution from mountain pickers to blues-rock stars continues on new album Venom & Faith, out Nov. 9. The sisters come out strong with a modern interpretation of Georgia blues legend Bessie Smith’s 1960 recording of “Sometimes.” Their arena-worthy blues-rock rendition sounds like it’s backed by a marching band – an… Continue reading Larkin Poe Takes Risks, Keeps the Faith

Hot Rize – 40th Anniversary Bash

40 years is a long time for any band to stay together…especially a bluegrass band where the slices from the “success pie” are much smaller. Hot Rize, formed in Colorado in 1978 and originally a part of the “Newgrass” movement, celebrated with a 40th Anniversary Bash. The shows took place in January 2018 and for… Continue reading Hot Rize – 40th Anniversary Bash

Amy Ray: Here’s Hollerin’ at Ya

It’s easy to assume that a lot of folks up North believe negative Southern stereotypes – even if they live in a place like, say, the heavily rural state of Ohio. Amy Ray, a self-professed “radical left-wing dyke,” ain’t playing that somehow-okay-in-a-PC-world game of South shaming. Instead, she prefers the “love thy neighbor as thyself”… Continue reading Amy Ray: Here’s Hollerin’ at Ya

Chris Hillman – Bidin’ My Time

As anticipated as this new album was, it comes off a bit limp. Which is a shame as it is potentially a great little CD. Chris Hillman is one of the most well respected American musicians, having effortlessly appeared in all the right places at all the right times. Bidin’ My Time is a solid… Continue reading Chris Hillman – Bidin’ My Time

Lillie Mae

Honest and True: Lillie Mae Rische Fends Off Americana Fatigue, and Then Some In some respects, Lillie Mae Rische represents bluegrass tradition. After being raised out of a motorhome as the youngest member of a family band, she kept on playing fiddle as a grown-up. As part of the Third Man roster alongside fellow country… Continue reading Lillie Mae

Dixie Dregs

Dixie Dregs Answer the Question: “What If?” Atlanta (by way of Augusta and Miami) band the Dixie Dregs were among the most boundary-pushing acts of the 1970s. Deftly blending styles from hard rock to jazz-fusion to country, the instrumental quintet released an impressive string of albums on Macon-based Capricorn Records. In later years, the band… Continue reading Dixie Dregs

Daryle Singletary Dies, Age 46

The unexpected death of Daryle Singletary, age 46, on February 12th left the country music world reeling. Born March 10th, 1971 in Cairo, Georgia, the singer and guitarist found success after moving to Nashville in the early 1990s. He charted numerous top 40 singles during his heyday, including “Amen Kind of Love” and “Too Much Fun.”… Continue reading Daryle Singletary Dies, Age 46

John Driskell Hopkins Decks the Halls

Zac Brown Band bassist John Driskell Hopkins has a fun new Christmas album, titled You Better Watch Out!, featuring Atlanta’s own Joe Gransden (pictured here with Hopkins) and his Big Band. It’s a mix of styles, with a jazz ensemble backing a country and bluegrass crooner as he interprets his favorite holiday classics. This team-up does wonders with the greatest redneck… Continue reading John Driskell Hopkins Decks the Halls

Larkin Poe

Turn the Page: Larkin Poe Roll With the Changes Sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell, the guiding forces of Larkin Poe, keep claiming more of the scarce mainstream real estate left for roots-minded rockers. Recent album Peach (Tricki-Woo Records) furthers momentum for an act that in recent years has backed the likes of Elvis Costello live… Continue reading Larkin Poe

Leah Calvert Expands Palette for Solo Debut

Leah Calvert’s first solo album, Satellite, beams down rocking transmissions that stray a bit from her roots-influenced work with Atlanta bluegrass band the Dappled Grays. She doesn’t toss out the Southern music baby with the bluegrass bath water. The serene “This is Now” and such comparably upbeat tracks as “Two Lines on the Page” and… Continue reading Leah Calvert Expands Palette for Solo Debut

Lillie Mae – Forever and Then Some

A quick glance at Lillie Mae’s nascent solo career might mislead some potential fans into thinking she’s an alt-country prodigy, sprung into the spotlight after just a few years in Jack White’s backing band. Truth is, Lillie Mae has been singing and playing fiddle since age seven, primarily with her siblings in bluegrass- and string… Continue reading Lillie Mae – Forever and Then Some

I Scare Myself

I Scare Myself By Dan Hicks [Jawbone Press] When I interviewed Dan Hicks years ago, I asked him about his rich history – starting out in the proto-psychedelic Charlatans in mid ’60s San Francisco all the way through his singularly genre melding conglomeration that became Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks – and asked if… Continue reading I Scare Myself

Bob Harvey

Flight of a Lifetime: Bob Harvey on His Adventures with Jefferson Airplane and Beyond When my friend Amanda first told me that her cousin was an original member of Jefferson Airplane, and not only that but he lived in metro Atlanta, I was skeptical. The Airplane have always been one of my favorite West Coast… Continue reading Bob Harvey