Soul Asylum

Can’t Go Back: Jeff Clark Chats Up Dave Pirner on the Past and Present of Soul Asylum Maybe it sounds silly to some of you now, but there was a time there in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when Soul Asylum were one of the most essential bands in my life. During those years,… Continue reading Soul Asylum

Husker Nus: Good and Bad

First the good news: On November 10th, the Numero Group will release Savage Young Du, a 4-LP/3-CD box set of Husker Du’s material recorded between 1979 and 1983. Comprised of 69 songs (47 previously unreleased), the box comes with a hardbound book, reproductions of flyers, previously unseen pictures and probably an ear of corn to… Continue reading Husker Nus: Good and Bad

David Barbe Sails 10th of Seas

Few figures in the long, storied history of Athens’ rock underground can touch the long and diverse resume of David Barbe. The ‘80s rocker with Mercyland and other bands went on to tour the world as a member of Sugar, alongside my should-be wrestling buddy Bob Mould. A second career as a producer and engineer… Continue reading David Barbe Sails 10th of Seas

Fucked Up

Punk Rock in a Whole New Light? That’s Just Fucked Up! Everything in this article may be wrong. Apologies for the Vonnegut-like opening, but given the subject, fair warning seems in order. You see, Toronto’s Fucked Up has a history of playing fast and loose with the facts in order to create its own alternate… Continue reading Fucked Up